E-consults are conducted with our physiotherapists and Dr Ryan Kohler (Sports Physician).

E-consults involve a web-based consultation with both our physiotherapists and Dr Kohler. The purpose of these consults is to determine a patient’s diagnosis and devise a plan of action regarding the patient’s injury. This may include implementing an individualised program, referral for specialist scans for further investigation and/or referral onto a specialist for a face to face consultation.

E-consults aim to improve continuity of care of our patients. They help to reduce cost to patients, are convenient and facilitate improved communication between medical professionals and patients. They are not a substitute for face to face specialist consultations but may assist in reducing unnecessary referrals.  

What is a Sports Physician?

Sports physicians specialise in non-operative medical treatment for musculoskeletal sports conditions. They aim to diagnose, treat and prevent illness and injury primarily in athletes but work with the general public too. If required a sports physician assists in guiding referrals to appropriate medical specialists.


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