Anybody, from the professional sportsperson to the recreational athlete, who wishes to improve their sport performance should be regarded as a high performance athlete. For these athletes to achieve goals they require a scientific approach to their training plan.  It is only possible to perform at an optimal level when there is sound interaction of the physical, biomechanical, nutritional and psychological factors.  Elite coaches and athletes have for a long time realised that to achieve the best results they have to seek the input of qualified and experienced sports scientists.


The aims of the Body Dynamics Health scientifically based sports performance programme are to:

  • assist the coach and athlete in devising a periodised performance plan over a specific time frame in order to reach a specific “peak” for optimal performance
  • determine the athlete's strengths and weaknesses relevant to their sport.  This is achieved by subjecting the athlete to a battery of fitness/performance tests and setting achievable targets and providing ongoing monitoring where necessary.  These results are interpreted directly to the athlete’s coach or trainer so that the coach can make appropriate changes to the training programme
  • provide high performance sports training programmes to the athlete where a coach is not available.


Staff at Body Dynamics Health are proud to have worked with many of the Australian and South African elite codes including AFL: North Melbourne Football Club (Current), Hockey: Australia A Hockey & Jillaroos teams (2014-2016), Netball: AIS Netball 2011/12, Athletics: South African Athletic Team (1983), Surfing: South African Surfing Team (1992), Rugby Union: Springbok Rugby Team (1993), Polocross: South African Woman’s Polo Cross Team (1995) and also with a number of representative teams and athletes in Australia and South Africa.

Body Dynamics Health have resident physiotherapists, sports physiologists, exercise physiologists, coaches and links to podiatrists, dietitians, medical doctors and specialists and sports coaches.

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