Accredited exercise physiologists are university trained practitioners who specialise in the delivery of exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification programs for the prevention and management of chronic disease and injuries. Accredited exercise physiologists are experts in exercise prescription and can create a customised program specific to your needs. These programs can be carried out under close supervision and support at our onsite exercise clinic, at home or a gym facility of your choosing.


Exercise physiology services include:

  • detailed health and fitness assessments
  • weight loss programs
  • exercise for diabetes management
  • functional work related activity programs
  • Individualised strength and conditioning programs
  • return to sport rehabilitation programs
  • exercise and behaviour change support for those with chronic conditions and injury
  • core stability & swiss ball exercises
  • falls prevention programs
  • Work Related Activity Programs for injured workers in assisting a speedy return to work
  • hydrotherapy


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