Our professional sports performance consultants have worked with many high performance athletes and teams, and have assisted them in reaching their sporting goals through specialised plans and personalised strategy.

Our Sports Performance Consulting Process

At Body Dynamics Health, we look at all aspects of your sporting history to determine the personalised plans for you and/or your team. Our sports performance consultants are attentive, passionate and inquisitive about the goals you want to achieve in your sporting careers. We use this information to carefully create custom plans and programs, aimed at excelling your sports performance.

Our Sports Performance Consulting Services

At Body Dynamics Health, our professional sport performance offer the following services:

  • Assistance to the coach and athlete in devising a periodized performance plan over a specific timeframe in order to reach a specific ‘peak’ for optimal performance.
  • Determining the athlete's strengths and weaknesses relevant to their sport. This is achieved by subjecting the athlete to a battery of fitness/performance tests, setting achievable targets and providing ongoing monitoring where necessary. These results are interpreted directly to the athlete and coach so that the coach can make appropriate changes to the training programme.
  • Providing high performance sports training programmes to the athlete where a coach is not available.

When Should I Make Use OfSports Performance Consulting Services?

Anybody who is truly wanting to take their sporting fitness, skills and techniques to the next level would find great value in the advice and strategies offered by a professional sports performance consultant.

Teams and individuals competing in national and international sporting events could greatly benefit, and improve their chances of success, by making use of our sports consulting services.

Body Dynamics Health offers the added benefit of having resident APA titled sports physiotherapists, ESSA accredited sports physiologists/ exercise physiologists and coaches on premises.

Our Wagga Wagga branch has an onsite exercise clinic for all your sports performance needs.

Interested in making use of our expert sports performance consulting services in Wagga Wagga or Melbourne?

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