Body Dynamics Health is home to a number of qualified and experienced Physiotherapists who are experts in the movement and structure of the human body.

We work with a number of diverse health conditions and sports industries affecting people of all age groups. Our Physiotherapists have a true passion for seeing their patients recover from their injuries and go on to lead normal and healthy lives.

Our Physiotherapy Process

At Body Dynamics Health, our physiotherapy sessions include a thorough initial assessment, whereby we assess your physical ailments, followed by a professional diagnosis and treatment.

We create an individualised rehabilitation program (utilising our onsite exercise facility) for our patients, with an aim to enable a graduated return to work, sport and activities of normal daily living.

You do not require a referral from your general practitioner to see one of our physiotherapists.

Our Physiotherapy Services

Our professional physiotherapist offer comprehensive physiotherapy service, which, when appropriate, may include:

  • Sports injury assessment, rehabilitation and prevention planning
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Dry needling
  • Sports and kinesio taping
  • Joint mobilisation & manipulation
  • Muscle strengthening / conditioning

All of our services are performed onsite as we have all the equipment and space necessary at our exercise facility.

When Should I See A Physiotherapist?

There are diverse range of reasons for going to see a Physiotherapist, as physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions. We treat sports injuries as well as the physical components of chronic health conditions. Some reasons for visiting may include:

  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Sports injury diagnoses, management and prevention
  • Rehabilitation following knee, hip, shoulder, ankle or foot surgery
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity

Without professional treatment, many of the above conditions could worsen deeply, so it is best to see an expert Physiotherapist if you are committed to the improvement of your physical health.

Interested in joining our Physiotherapy services in Wagga Wagga or Melbourne?

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