The services of our exercise physiologists and physiotherapists often require the space and equipment offered by an exercise clinic. While many other specialists may need to make use of a separate facility, at Body Dynamics Health we have a conveniently located, fully-equipped, onsite facility!

We are very proud of our large, hygienic and user-friendly exercise clinic that has assisted in many patients’ full recoveries and assisted them to return back to normal life.

Specialised Equipment To Help You Reach Your Goals

Our equipment is specifically designed for the successful rehabilitation and exercise prescription for all types of chronic injuries. We have all the equipment needed for you to make a healthy physical recover, and for our professionals to accurately track your progress.

Our facility enables us to keep a close eye on your progress throughout your exercise and rehabilitation program, help motivate you to achieve your goals, while enjoying a friendly non-intimidating environment.

Professional Physiotherapists And Exercise Physiologists

The exercise clinic at our Wagga Wagga branch is used by our Body Dynamics Health physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and sports performance consultants, as well as their patients and clients.

Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists will make sure that you are comfortable with your routine and assist you in graduating to a point of complete ownership and independence. They teach you how to use all of the equipment in the clinic correctly so that you do not create further injuries.

We believe that our fully-equipped exercise clinic adds immense value to our patients’ lives, and the convenience of it being onsite saves you both time and money.

If you want to improve your lifestyle and fitness, or are suffering from a sport injury or chronic illness that is affecting your mobility, you may want to consider getting in touch with one of our trusted professionals. 

Interested in making use of our onsite exercise clinic in Wagga Wagga with one of our exercise physiologists or physiotherapists?

Contact us today or make a booking through our convenient online booking service.